Thursday, June 30, 2005

The De Keyser Circus Rolls Into Austria?

Could it be Linz?

So this is the place I could be heading to for my foray into the European workplace - on the Danube and with a healthy electro club scene by the looks of it! Posted by Hello

Here's a lovely website telling you all about the delights that await me (and you should you decide to visit and take advantage of RyanAir's ludicrously cheap flights)

  • Linz, Austria
  • Mr. Francis

    ohh my, I've just been to see Sage Francis at Cargo in Old St. - he was quite special. Sage is angry & opinionated and he wants you to know it - check him out at Sage's Website!

    Sage: without enormous beard Posted by Hello


    Following an inspired idea by monsieur d barrett, a large mixtaping extravaganza is occuring this summer. The premise - make a CD of music you like and that you think other people should hear, and send it around to your friends!

    Become involved at Haircut Central.

    Also, make sure no Killers or Starsailor tunes appear, or bad things will happen to you


    Wednesday, June 29, 2005

    Glastonbury '05

    So it's decided: Brian Wilson is King. His Glastonbury set will be remembered as one of the greats - how perfect that the sun should appear to welcome him to Worthy Farm. With the sun shining, the mud disappearing under a carpet of straw, and classic pop song after classic pop song coming through the PA, all memories of the storm on Friday morning were washing away in a sea of surf anthems and tuneful bliss.

    Spare a thought for these guys - someone diving underwater to fish out his belongings. Also, 2 guys were spotted in a canoe - A CANOE! Who brings a canoe to Glastonbury?

    If you'd like to see more mud-related pictures, point your mouseilces to Jon at MySpace if you dare! Posted by Hello

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    The Jump Off

    That's right, we're here at to celebrate a wonderful, life changing, awe-inspiring event. What that event is has yet to be decided. But make No Mistake - it's going to be Big. You can feel the sweat from the palms of the critics just waiting to jump on the bandwagon. You can see the nervous glances from one to the other - they know this is going to be huge. So the question is, what are you going to do about it? Sit around and gawp vacantly at the screen? Click onto a different (and probably more relevant) site? Lounge around in your comfy leather chair like the bureaucrats in Washington? Or will you view, post and comment like there's no tomorrow? Only time will tell my friends. I wish you luck in your voyage. May unity and peace spread to all.