Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Chaos In Camber

Well I've been working in London for the last week or so, so blog updates have been few and far between. But now I'm back behind the Van Tango desk, ready to relate tales of joy to you all. First up, Team Haircut organised a trip to Camber Sands at the weekend. Here are some of the things we did;

  • Drank beer,
  • Played frisbee,
  • Watched the sky,
  • Had a barbeque,
  • Got wet.

A right proper knees-up Posted by Picasa


At 10:21 pm BST, Blogger thisguysplace said...

no pics of the camping trip?

your blog's looking blingin with the flickring and the hero-ing etc!

did you hear anything about the "graduation yearbook" dvd/cd they were planning?

At 10:40 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

thanks bro! means a lot coming from an experienced blogger such as yourself!

I've got a copy of the graduation yearbook, it was on sale on houghton st. Can forward you a copy if you like?


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