Monday, July 11, 2005

London Bombings Relief Fund

Dear all, you will no doubt be aware of the sickening events that occured on 7.7.05 in London. Please join me in sparing a moment of thought to those who face anguish and agonising waits as the victims are identified, I can't even begin to imagine how terrible it must feel.

Please consider making a donation to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, found on the Red Cross website. You can make a donation by;

  • Filling out the online form
  • Telephone on 08705 125 125
  • Post to: London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, c/o The Mayor of London, Freepost LON18968, Sheffield S98 1ZA

"The money raised will be held in a Trust and used to assist the victims of the attack, their immediate families and partners in a variety of ways. For example, they may be used to relieve sickness and disability, physical or mental, caused by the attack or to relieve financial needs. The money may also be used to support other appropriate projects that the funds allow."


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hey- i just watched the turtles movie on tv the other day. i have the vcd too :p


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