Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nostalgic Clear Out

Don't you just love it when you clear out your room and find some forgotten little gems under a pile of old birthday cards? Ah, nostalgia. Here are some of the more "interesting" ones...

The infamous birthday present from Elise, which I was duly forced to wear for AN ENTIRE EVENING in one of Dover's delightful public houses. Posted by Picasa

A maskof the late Bob Monkhouse, from the V Graham Norton show (FYI - my 2nd appearance on national TV). This'll only make sense to those who saw the episode! Posted by Picasa

See Bob's entry in the "Blog Of Death" here.

A sand bunny made by Nic, complete with hula skirt and playing up to the camera. Not quite sure of the relevance of this to anything. China penguin in background, shying away. It's a whole soap opera going on there... Posted by Picasa


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