Monday, August 29, 2005

Caterpillar Invasion!!!

Here's a photo of the most enormous caterpillar ever to be found in Essex. The size of a human finger, it can devour entire trees in mere seconds. Do you have one in your garden? Check the caterpillar identification website!

Disclaimer: caterpillar not guaranteed to devour trees. It's probably more likely to turn into a moth, so don't hold your breath.


At 11:47 am BST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that my dear boy is an elephant hawk moth

latin translation - elephantias hawkus mothus.

At 12:38 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

hello old bean! Interesting to see that you have an interest in moths - do you collect them?

PS. More banter needed on Fantasy Footy. May I suggest using bobby as a target (or is that too obvious?)


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