Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Southend Skies

15th August - Family Trip to Southend.

Highlights include;
  • Throwing pepper over Tom,
  • Arguing about where to park,
  • Eating cockles,
  • Playing "crazy" golf,
  • Going to an Italian restaurant.
So there it is, the definition of being English - going to the seaside and eating out a restaurant instead of enjoying some fish 'n' chips on a windy beach, competing to see who can get the most sand into Dad's mushy peas!

Amusingly, the crazy golf course was called "Arnold Palmer's Crazy Golf". Not one of his proudest moments I'm sure. And thinking about it, the golf wasn't really "crazy". No laughing clowns, or over-excited windmills in sight. Maybe "Arnold Palmer's Uninspiring Mini Golf - Not Quite As Good As Winning The Open" would have been a more appropriate name.

The Longest Pier In The Known Universe Posted by Picasa
(don't believe me? See the website)

You can even adopt a plank! Squander your cash here!

Usual classy postcard, found at all good English seaside souvenir outlets.

Southend Sky. Posted by Picasa


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