Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Wonder Of Creation

So I've been in London (away from my beloved laptop) for the last couple of weeks, working and lazing around in equal measure. I have become excellent at frisbee. I have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is funny, odd and has the rare effect of making you feel genuinely content for a moment. Fantastic Four, on the other hand, is the worst film I have ever seen (tm) - if you have even a small urge to go and see it, please please please surpress it. It was so poorly acted, scripted, animated and directed that I went to get a refund.

I have been spending a lot of time in Regent's Park, Hampstead, and Primrose Hill. While in Hampstead Heath, I came across this...

Flower Power Posted by Picasa

I love it when people create something just for other people to see - there's no pretention or greed. This flower made me feel happy when I saw it. For a second there, under that secluded tree that I accidently stumbled upon due to a lost frisbee, it felt like this was made just for me to see. It was hidden away, and because of this it felt as though I'd become part of an intimate exchange between the creator of this little universe and his potential audience, the intrepid explorer. It's always worth looking that little bit closer, taking the time to brush off the cobwebs and notice what someone has done. Beyond the horizon might be a landfill site or a plush meadow. Who knows until you look?

Nature & God.


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