Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yo! La! Ten! Go!

Yo La Tengo played at Koko on Tuesday night, when ambient beach music turned into noisy eccentric electronic punk! "Speeding Motorcycle" was especially brimming with psychotic energy, persuading Kat & Jon to dance around on the balcony with reckless abandon (but don't worry, we wore shin guards). Support act (and intermittent collaborators) "The Scene Is Now" were ace.

The Crowd (tm) Posted by Picasa

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself - earlier in the afternoon I spend a pleasant afternoon with Jay and Steve in Lincoln's Inn Fields, the old stomping ground. Beer was drunk, and sandwiches were eaten while we reminisced about Glastonbury, university parties, primary school and E.R. (I don't even watch E.R.) Later, Sainsbury's finest rosé wine proved to be Jay's downfall during a game of foozball (how do you spell foozball? Enlighten me with a comment if you know. First person to reply gets a free bottle of rosé), and Vinnie Jones' autobiography was subject to ridicule. That's all for now - exciting AIESEC (work abroad) updates due tomorrow...

Jay: likes pink drink
Steve: pretending not to know her...


At 12:18 pm BST, Anonymous Tom F said...

According to BFA, the correct spelling of the alternative name for the game also known as Babyfoot, Tischfussball, Table Soccer etc is FOOSBALL. This information is freely available at

Now are you going to post my bottle of wine or shall I come and collect it?

At 9:03 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

;) hows the 10th September for you dude?

At 3:35 pm BST, Anonymous Jay said...

Source of universal wisdom:


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