Thursday, September 22, 2005

Billy Whizz

Crikey it's been a busy few days. I started work on Monday, the people are really nice but they don't have much work for me at the moment, so I spend a lot of time reading company literature and surfing the net. VA Tech have just been taken over by Siemens so everyone is very busy. I'm picking up a bit of German small talk. I've got a business trip to Germany next week to train some Americans, because the takeover means that everyone has to be briefed about the operations of the other company.

Anecdote 1

The canteen at work is pretty excellent, although today I had the worst meal of my life. What I thought was pork sausage, cabbage and potatoes, turned out to be the most horrendous combination of food ever conceived by a human being. The "pork sausage" turned out to be "Blotwürst", which is a sausage made with pig blood. Mmmm. The "cabbage" turned out to be Sauerkraut; celebrated in Austria, but tastes like pickled bile. Least painfully, the potatoes were like sautéed broccoli. And I thought I could eat most food - I was wrong. NEVER EVER try these foods.

Anecdote 2

I went to the office in halls today to pick up my ID card. When I got there, I said "Guten Morgen". The receptionist replied "Morgen". Then I told her, "Ich musste mein ID Karte bitte". She turned around and said "Morgen". Nothing else, just "Morgen". So I said "Guten Morgen", again. She looked puzzled. So did I. I look at her quizically and repeated "Mein Karte?", and she said "Morgen" again! This went on for what seemed like several hours before another receptionist entered the room, and said, "Tomorrow. Morgen means tomorrow." What kind of language uses the same word for "morning" and "tomorrow"?! It's perverse I say! Apparently you can't even say "Ich bin heisse" without it meaning "I am horny". Cripes. What have I let myself in for?



At 7:30 pm BST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:32 am BST, Anonymous Jacie said...

Hi Jon! Remember me? (Jay's friend Jacie) I just wanted to say hi, and that I hope you're doing well... this entry made me laugh =)

At 11:32 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

hey jacie hope you're well! you must be excited about the new york trip - make sure jay behaves herself ;)
I hope that if you're ever in Austria in Germany you now know a few pitfalls to steer clear of...


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