Friday, September 09, 2005

Dancing With Katrina

Check out this blog. I'm in awe of some of the photography and reporting of this guy. Incredible. Click the link.


At 11:45 pm BST, Anonymous Jay said...

What the rudy devil is this BS link with "Absolute Agency" about??!!

At 10:40 am BST, Blogger Jon said...

Haha! I deleted it. What utter tosh. Spam bloggers are the devil incarnate!

At 9:56 am BST, Blogger NickyB said...

Hey Jon. Just got here for the first time. Good photos, and your address is funny.

I hope I never chat u a girl in German, it would be too funny to take seriously!

At 5:11 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

yes, it's certainly in the running for the "Most Amusing Language Award". More photos on their way! Coming soon... see a dog eat a swan! (nearly) Marvel at a swanky hotel room! Gasp in horror at me wearing a suit!

At 12:12 pm BST, Blogger NickyB said...

I'm wearing a suit!!!!

It shouldn't happen, ever.

I do look the absolute business though.


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