Saturday, September 24, 2005

Flea Market Bargains

Had a wicked day today - went to a flohmarkt this morning at 6 with some friends from halls, and bought...
  1. A kettle - 90 cents
  2. A chopping board - 10 cents
  3. A toaster - €2
  4. A frying pan - €5
  5. A grater - 10 cents
  6. A pot - €2
  7. 8 plates and 1 mug - €2
Almost a whole kitchen for €12, less than £10! Bargains to be had everywhere - there was an old gramophone player I wanted to buy, but I had no way of getting it home! Damn. Was also tempted to buy a bike for €20 but realised that soon it will snow and I won't be able to ride it. Humph. Was really good fun haggling with the local merchants and successful too! ... Later... had my first proper meal in halls since I moved in last week, thanks to the new pots & pans. I haven't even been able to make toast until today! Shocking.

I didn't realise how important cooking was to my sanity. I can't wait to cook Mario and Katharina a meal after all they've done for me.



At 10:30 pm BST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:44 am BST, Blogger thisguysplace said...

whoa- makes a chinaman's eyes water at such bargains!
should've bought the bike to carry the gramophone back to halls. then again... your ipod might get jealous.

At 12:32 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

:D haha! i think the gramophone would have been for decoration purposes only, as I didn't bring any records with me to austria. So I think Ipod will be ok. I had a chat with him last night just to clear things up :p

At 5:05 pm BST, Anonymous Jay said...


I've ALWAYS wanted a gramophone...that's it - whens the next flight? Im flyin over for my gramophone!!

p.s. lucky sods, those Mario of Kathrina - they will get to taste world famous spag bol.

I am officially greeeeen with envy.


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