Friday, September 16, 2005



(Unfortunately, these are the only pics that I could salvage from the party album of blurry wine glasses and smudged faces that weren't explicit, obscene or rubbish)

Well it's been a crazy, busy couple of weeks! It all started when I had the genius idea of starting a new job, moving to Austria and having a party all in the space of 9 days.

Thank you to all of you who came on Saturday night, and I apologise for being a bit stressed and far too drunk. I really appreciated you all coming, even in Sloth's case... To those who couldn't make it, we all missed you very much.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. I'd like to thank the following for all the stuff I received;

Mum & Dad, Tom, My Girl, Jay, Chris, Rich, Nick, G, D, Sloth, Steve, Joly
. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone. Some of my favourite things;
  1. A new camera
  2. A webcam
  3. A hip flask
  4. Takk...
  5. A poker chip set
  6. Much Alcohol
  7. A book on Molvania
  8. A Newcastle shirt
  9. The best cookbook in the world
Merci beaucoup!


Went out for a meal with the family and Kat in the evening to the Blue Strawberry. Droooool... is all I can say! It was amazing - great food and we had fun reminiscing, joking, winding each other up, and getting excited about our travels. Here's a pic of Kat and I in the restaurant that I really like, damn we're a hot couple! :p

It was a really nice evening, but sort of sad too because it's the last time we'll all be together like that for a while. I'm going to miss them so much.


My flight is at 13.30pm tomorrrow. I'll try and post again before I go.


At 6:45 pm BST, Blogger thisguysplace said...


I owe you a gift. Terribly sorry I was unable to get you one before I left. Send over your new contact details soon yea?

At 7:53 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

Yep yep as soon as I get them dude! I now have internet in my new room, somehow i'm managing to get it for free! still don't know my mail address tho. if you fancy a chat anytime, check out, free chat that's better quality than a phone line!


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