Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Men and Siemens

A lot's been happening so this post is a bit of a medley...

I think this is the best picture I've ever taken. I laughed for 20 minutes when I took it

During a random wonder around Linz, I took these pics. It's a very beautiful city, but it's very quiet apart from Friday and Saturday.

The Danube

I like walking over the main bridge. It's really busy, but I find it peaceful looking out along the river with "Takk..." playing. Although you can never be sure when you don't understand a word of Icelandic, in my mind Sigur Rós are associated with the conflicting emotions of uncertainty and joy at the discovery of a new place.

The Bridge

The business trip to Erlangen (in Bavaria) this week was great - I ate at least four times my own weight in hotel breakfast food alone, not to mention the paid-for lunches and dinners... I could get used to getting paid to travel and do very little work! The town of Erlangen was strange - Siemens is the main employer there and every other building was branded with the Siemens logo. All the handdryers in the toilets were Siemens. Everyone had Siemens phones. I was surprised when I found out that the coffee mugs weren't made by Siemens...

Erlangen - Germany's "Siemensstadt" (Siemens Town)


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