Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Phrasebook Musings

On my way back from a business trip to Germany today (info and pics later!) I thought I'd read through my phrasebook to look for some of the words I'd heard during the conference. My attention was immediately grabbed by the "Romanzen" (romance) section. Sub-headings included; "asking someone out", "pick-up lines", and "getting closer". Here are some of my favourites from the "getting closer" section...

  • Ich will dich. - I want you.
  • Zieh das aus! - Take this off!
  • Bitte hör auf! - Please stop!
  • Sachte! - Easy tiger!
  • Das war seltsam. - That was weird.
and best of all...

  • Oh ja! - Oh yeah!
When would you ever need a phrasebook to tell you that? "Oh ja?? What does that mean? Hold that position, I just need to look it up in the phrasebook..." Bit of a passion killer, non?

Another one of my favourites was;

  • Willst du mich heiraten? - Will you marry me?
This discovery made me re-assess my top three essential German holiday phrases. It now reads;
  1. Two lagers please.
  2. Where is the hotel?
  3. Will you marry me?
Three very important phrases I'm sure you'll agree. (if you're in a German speaking country for long enough to meet a girl and want to marry her, you'll bloody well already know how to ask her. Such a waste of phrasebook space - in my opinion they should have left that out and expanded the "getting closer" section).



At 4:53 pm BST, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why, may I ask, are you looking up chat up lines in your phrasebook???

*tut tut*

At 7:22 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

I promise it was purely for comedy purposes, I've only used them in practise... 8 or 9 times. ;)


At 6:55 pm BST, Blogger carpet ministry said...

carpetministry verdict. jon ist ein playa, m'nizzle


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