Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wilkommen auf Oesterreich

Cripes! Somehow I've managed to get free internet in my room! So Austria blog post nummer eins is underway sooner than expected. Flew over on RyanAir - surprisingly good for a budget airline! Comfy seats, smooth flight, hot stewardesses...

I touched down in Linz to be greeted by the local AIESEC community, including a guy called Mario who I've been in touch with over the last few months. They even had a card with my name on it! Wish I'd taken a picture! I've just spent the evening at an Italian restaurant with them (Mario, his girlfriend, and another AIESECer from Romania called Cora), and I'm now about to dig into my "welcome pack", which includes Austrian sausage and a weird cereal called "Peanut Flakes". My room, by the way, is excellent. I'm basically living in student halls, so I'm not quite sure how I've got a place here since I'm not a student anymore... I'm definitely not complaining!


At 5:53 pm BST, Anonymous Evil Pixie said...

"Peanut Flakes" sounds well dodgy man...!

Sounds like an excellent start to a fantastic adventure - nothing like moving to a new city and being greeted with local sausages and questionably named cereals ;)

Take it easy and will write to you soon! (Im Reeeeeal good at that - no, I really am...)

*big hugs*

At 6:14 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

I look forward to it! I'll post my address in a minute... Off to an irish pub tonight - typical english behaviour, going to a different country only to go straight to an irish pub!


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