Saturday, October 15, 2005


I feel great ambivalence towards cobwebs. When I see them, I admire their intricacy and beauty. When I walk into them, I get more angry than when I'm put on hold for customer services. You know that annoying feeling, when, for the rest of the day you feel like you have spiders crawling over your head?

Today, I hold enormous hostility towards them. I must have walked into 4 already today. Does this mean that I'll be feeling spiders in my hair for the next four days?



At 9:42 pm BST, Blogger thisguysplace said...

is this entry some deep metaphoric reference to some profound events in your life these past few days?


could you really, be shite at avoiding walking into sticky webby stuff?

At 6:54 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

I am really rubbish at avoiding cobwebs. UPDATE: Yesterday, I walked into at least 10 on my hike up to the hill. Later, I found out that this was because there was a spider living on my head.


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