Friday, October 21, 2005

Hiking & Hustler

It's been another busy week here at De Keyser towers ( 'y' s are getting very difficult for me to type - the German keyboard is all mixed up! ë s and ö s where there should be 'l' and 'p', 'z' where there should be 'y'... inconvenient to say the least) with work and work parties. Unfortunately I haven't spent much time in halls with my friends... I think this is what happens when you get a job. Welcome to the real world Jon! Or, as I am now affectionately known, "Yot" (the German pronunciation of the letter 'J').

Last weekend, to help my recovery from a particularly heavy night of whiskey consumption that lasted until dawn, I went for a hike up the hills that surround Linz. Crikey that was some view of the Danube...

Dotted across the hillside and through the woods were loads of wooden lookout huts that looked like they'd been unused for decades. Intrepid explorer that I am, I climbed into one, only to find a modern swivel chair and a copy of German Hustler magazine. Not really what I'd expected to find...

Some of the huts - Hustler magazine not in shot (sorry)


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