Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oktoberfest Lederhosen!

Right, that's it. I'm taking everyone to the Munich Oktoberfest next year. I went this weekend, and it was INCREDIBLE. Imagine 14 enormous Big Tops full to the brim of Germans in lederhosen, breeches, silly hats and corsets drinking vatloads of beer, singing ridiculous songs, jumping around like clumsy lumberjacks and generally misbehaving!

And this was just one of the tents...

I travelled to Munich on a coach with students from my halls - we were a motley crew of Italian, French, Polish, Peruvian and Irish idiots with beer to drink and noise to make. The friendly atmosphere was frequently punctuated with random shouting of capital cities and football players.

"Rome! Francesco Totti!"
"It's Jon, from London!"
"Ole! Rrrrrreal Madrrrriiddd! Too much money!"
etc, etc

Spot the Italian...

I also learnt some things about different cultures;
  1. Never show a Frenchman a copy of the NME. When they become inebriated later in the evening, they are 90% likely to start shouting "Maximo Park! Bloc Party! The Killers!" enthuisiastically at you.
  2. Never assume that if a woman is married, she won't hit on you. Especially if she is Columbian.
  3. Never touch an Italian's hair.
  4. Traditional German dress looks, a) amusing on men, and b) fantastic on women.
  5. Always be prepared for an Irishman to randomly start a fight with someone for literally no reason.
If there's anything more entertaining than watching German men in lederhosen arm-wrestle, I haven't found it



At 1:14 pm BST, Blogger Jon said...

Tom sorry I missed you on MSN earlier - glad yr flatmate enjoyed the latest entry ;) hope all is well and I'll catch up with you when I've finished showing Kat the sights of Linz!


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