Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Missing Home

Mmm, I seem to be getting a little homesick. Here is a list of things that I miss about England;
  1. Pinching Kat’s bottom,
  2. Drinking tea & watching “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” with family,
  3. Watching football in the Euston Flyer,
  4. Using the word “cock”,
  5. Eating burgers and drinking G&T in *real* pubs,
  6. Seeing (good) live music,
  7. Dancing to music that isn’t sung by Melanie C or Ronan Keating.

I find myself reminiscing about fun evenings out in London whilst on the tram into work in the mornings. Here are some memories old and new...


At 7:16 pm GMT, Anonymous Jay said...

Awww Jon, we miss you too *big hugs*

You missed watching Late Night with Jool's Holland right after Jonathan Ross though!

p.s. that's Shav next to Nick, right? Was not sure if it was one's self when was thinner and prettier and felt compelled to ask despite risking sounding/looking like an idiot.

At 7:34 pm GMT, Blogger Jon said...

I almost forgot to post the picture of you walking into the library with the £2 bottle of Rosé! *chuckle*

It is Chav indeed - that was taken on Kat's old balcony during a party. At the same party, there are rumours that Nick fell asleep on the floor in the corridor...

At 5:08 am GMT, Blogger thisguysplace said...

ahh... don't we all love pinching kat's bottom.

i miss london - the city. someone (a freshie) was whinging about how it gets dark there at 4pm and i actually found myself missing the dreariness.

i miss pound coins. having a few in my pocket made me feel pretty rich.

i miss telling friends where i'm from and what my country is like. i miss missing home?

and yea, i do wish we had more of those drunken rambling nights and that i had taken your invitation to go up to essex alot more seriously. i'm really happy we crossed paths. i don't know what to do with you. instead of telling you (again) to save up and come over here for a visit, i'll just try to keep up our friendship here on the internet as best as i can.

At 4:44 pm GMT, Blogger Jon said...

"I don't know what to do with you". You make me sound like a naughty child! :-P

That trip to Malaysia isn't too far away...April or May...

At 5:04 pm GMT, Blogger carpet ministry said...

there are several obvious solutions jon, you should have asked an expert like myself straight up.

1) simply clone yourself, and in a few short weeks your clone will be able to carry out your duties in the linz-o-drome and you can go to the land of do-as-you-please

2) what? 1 isn't good enough for you? you want the moon on the stick, boy, and you ain't gettin' it


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