Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another Week, Another Holiday

The existence of yet another national holiday on the 8th December (see previous post) meant that I've had a long weekend spent mostly in Vienna. On Wednesday after work, Rita (a friend of a friend of my parents, who happens to live in Linz!) drove me to her daughter's (called Alessa) flat in the city where we stayed until Friday. It was great - we went to a party in a student residence where the drinks were all €1, but this meant that I was up for 24 hours and was too tired to take many photos on Thursday. However, we did go to see the Naturhistoriches Museum which I missed last time - a really interesting place. They have a model elephant outside that constantly attracts tourist attention, and inside they have more stuffed animals than you can shake a dinosaur bone at!

In the Museums Quartier

More Punsch was also consumed, both at the Rathaus Christkindlmarkt and at Schoenbrunn. The Wildbeeren Punsch at Schoenbrunn is magnificent, although it had better be for €3.80!

The Rathaus becomes a giant Advent Calendar during the Christmas period.

Shoenbrunn has the best (and most expensive) Christmas market.

We also went to some excellent traditional restaurants ("Heurigen"), one of which had a live accordian player making a nuisance of himself while we tried to eat our meal! He really added to the atmosphere - as did the way you hang your coats up between your table and the next, creating a sort of private curtained booth. Great food too. It think I'm getting plumper by the day - and I still have Christmas at home to survive...

Marco the accordianist was a hit with the ladies...


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