Friday, December 30, 2005

The Snowman

We made a snowman!

The cheeky smile, spiky hairstyle and silly arms were all inspired by Tom. ;-P

Congrats to everyone who managed to have snow fights this week. I had a particularly amusing snow fight with Tom - I was wearing old shoes with no grip, so whenever I wound up the ol' throwing arm, I fell over face first - thus creating what is known as a "snow drunkard" on the ground.

Why is coal the usual material of choice for snowman buttons?


At 11:57 pm GMT, Anonymous Jay said...

I like him...I shall name him....Bob.

At 7:12 am GMT, Blogger Jon said...

Unfortunately he already has a name - Jeffrey. Don't ask me why... :-P
I think his face looks oddly human, spooky


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