Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back In Linz

I've arrived back in Linz to huge amounts of snow! Apparently it's snowed solidly for the last 3 days. It doesn't stop the Austrians from going to work though does it?? Humph. Photos will appear when I get a chance to take some!


Here are the photos, as promised - although unfortunately the snow has receded slightly. These were taken on my way to work this morning - it's dark because I get up at 6am (5am GMT!), my poor body...

Taken at the tram stop, 6.45am.
Why is everyone up sooo early??

Photo of the building in which I work! Why not?


At 12:03 am GMT, Anonymous Jay said...

I'll trade my building for yours.

Let me know your February weekend schedules cuz Im booking my flights well in advance this time around!!

At 7:45 pm GMT, Blogger José Ricardo Fernández said...

Fotos originales. Congrats.


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