Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why Hasselhoff Is Loved In Germany

I paid a visit to the city centre this morning, and a couple of things struck me as odd.

Firstly, in the electronics chain "Saturn" which offers a reasonably large selection of music, I spotted a David Hasselhoff CD in the "Beste Rock" section. This was done shamelessly and completely without irony.

Did you know that Hassel the Hoff single-handedly ended the Cold War?
Did you know that Hassel the Hoff is actually the Devil incarnate?

Secondly, and upsettingly, I noticed an increasing number of right-wing political posters (party political advertising is legal in Austria) defacing the tram stops. In particular, a chap called Heinz-Christian Strache pledges "Turkei NICHT in der EU" (Turkey NOT in the EU), "Wien darf nicht Istanbul werden" (Vienna must not become Istanbul), and " Arbeit statt Zuwanderung" (jobs instead of immigration). I'm shocked that this is allowed. What's even more worrying is that he got 15% of the vote in the last Vienna "Landtag" elections. I hope that another one of his slogans isn't true - "Er sagt, was Wien denkt" (He says what Vienna is thinking).

HC Strache website - see the xenophobia for yourself
Wikipedia article


At 12:18 pm GMT, Blogger Cora said...

Coming from a country that wants to join the EU I was given the 'mighty opportunity' to feel these kind of xenophobic attitudes.

I always asked myself why is somebody less valuable because he/she was born in Timbuktu/Ulan Batoor/ Ankara/ Cluj than sombody who was born in Vienna/Berna/Zurich,etc.

I honestly think that all the education that the EU brags with so highly, is malspent.

At 9:28 am GMT, Anonymous 10 Ninjas Steve said...

Heard a scumbag in my local shop moaning that there weren't any jobs in town (Northampton), as he bought some super strength lager. I think that's rubbish - if your desperate and will do anything, you can wander around Brackmills Industrial Estate and find a job within a few hours; I've done it myself.

That's one reason why so many immigrants come to my town: because they want to work. Much more than can be said about many born and bred Northamptonians. I used to work on the counter of the Benefits Agency and really got pissed off by all the young lads coming in for Crisis Loans because they 'lost' their dole or sick benefits. We should always look at ourselved before we judge other nations - but hey, it's an easy scapegoat.

Don't Hassel the Hoff:

At 9:29 am GMT, Anonymous 10 Ninjas Steve said...

Can't see all of the link for some reason, so here it is split up, copy and paste it:


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