Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Terrifying Bed

Right, first up it's my trip to the monastery ("Stift") at St. Florian and the "Terrifying Bed" of Prince Eugene. And no, I still don't know why it's terrifying.

Rita and Wili* (the smashing couple who feed me when I'm hungry, and take me on trips that require a car) drove and I attempted to talk entirely in German, with limited success. (I still can't remember the German for "interview", so I'm writing it here to remind myself...
Vorstellungsgespräch). I've been very lazy recently as far as speaking German is concerned - once you learn the basics it feels great to have a conversation, but after the basics, progress comes much more slowly and it can get a bit frustrating. Mmm. Must try harder! I seem to be rambling more than usual.

After coffee (the Austria speciality, a Melange, is particularly nice) and cake (Apfelstrudel, natürlich) in a local café (another thing which the Austrians are very good at is coffee houses), we explored the monastery.

Entrance to the courtyard

Corridor leading to the chapel
The monk's graveyard
It really is a beautiful place. Unsurprisingly for the Austrians, they still managed to emblazon some of the walls with adverts for banks. Here's the info...

St. Florian Info

* long-ish story... Rita and Wilhelm Reinthaler are friends of family friends from Oldham, back when we used to live up North. When our Oldham friends found out I was coming to Linz, they put me in touch with the Reinthalers, who have been incredibly generous and welcoming since I arrived, and offered me the chance to truly experience the Austrian culture. I've been really lucky meeting such nice people here - the AIESEC committee and in particular Mario & Kathi have been great too. It wouldn't be as much fun here without them!


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