Friday, March 17, 2006

Boyz N The Hood

I'm coming to the end of my tenure in Linz, and it's time for reflection. Although moving out here was in some ways a pretty selfish decision, it's something I really wanted to do. I'm glad that I don't feel distant from my family & friends despite being away for a long time, and I count myself lucky to have friends that have gone out of their way to stay in touch and visit me. Thank you.

In my last week here I have Kat's last visit to look forward to - we're going to Innsbruck (although I don't think I'll be doing any more skiing!) and perhaps Liechtenstein. It's been five weeks since we saw each other, but it feels like a year. I really miss seeing her smile (I'm not allowed to mention the cute dimples...oops) and those eyes.

The weekend before last, Nick, Rich and G came to Linz. It was great to hang out with them again properly after so long. It been a funny year what with one thing and another, so it was comforting to know that we can still chill out, drink heavily, and discuss topics ranging from 90s dance music to the architecture of Ashford and have lots of fun doing it. Here is a list of things we did:
  • Played frisbee on the roof
  • Smoked shisha
  • Drank Eggenberg, to name but one strong continental lager
  • Ate no Austrian food whatsoever
  • Had a snow fight on a restaurant terrace overlooking the city
  • Saw a HEAVY "art von rock" band from Vienna
  • Watched Les Dennis lose all dignity
I hope for many more times like this in the future. Resumption of drunken idiocy shall comment after the 8th April!

I wanted to post photos, but for some reason Mozilla won't let me at the moment. Follow the links above to check out my flickr stash...

The weekend before last, Jay came to visit. We ate and drank A LOT. The snow was perfect too, freshly settled and ripe for snowman making. Jay arrived on Friday evening, and immediately we went out with the ERASMUS students from here in Raabheim on a pub crawl around Linz. This included a number of cool bars, but also sadly a horrendous Rammstein-obsessed metal club. We also spent a lot of time in coffee houses, eating cake and drinking Mélanges which gave us time to catch up, and for Jay to tell me about her current dilemma which involves FOUR boys. Wow. I don't know how she does it! Jay's visit culminated in a "lightsabre" fight with icicles; the perfect end to a weekend!


At 2:08 pm GMT, Anonymous G said...

horrendous? Rammstein Obsessed?

does. not. compute. jon


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