Sunday, March 05, 2006

Winter In Salzburg

Another update! I have more tales of intrepid adventuring. Read on for the latest installment in Austria: Van Tango's Visit...

My Valentine and I spent a delightful weekend in Salzburg - the most beautiful city in Austria and home to Mozart's birthplace. Another train journey through the Salzkammergut together gave us an opportunity to catch up and snuggle after 2 weeks apart. Needless to say, Kat was looking rather gorgeous (see "mischievous" photo), so I spent much of the journey gazing gormlessly into her eyes, with jaw fully lowered. Even the heavy snow outside (nearing 2 metres in some parts!) couldn't distract me from this romantic start to Valentine's weekend.

Snow was quite a feature of the weekend - the previous night we'd been out to an Italian restaurant near my place in Linz. Even in the city, the snow had reached Ice Age proportions; a graceful jump into a snow drift left Kat with a knee-high covering of snow, while I discovered the cushioned joys of sitting on a bench that appeared to be more snow than wood.

There are so many amazing sights in Salzburg. I won't post all the pictures here, because frankly I took far too many, but if you're interested you can see them on my Flickr page.

Here are some of the highlights...

The Mirabell Gardens, leading to Salzburg Castle.

"Easter In Salzburg"

This is a fantastic shop; 3 rooms full to the brim with hand painted eggs. Some even had embroidered pouches!

At the Haus De Natur, they have fish that can travel at the speed of light...

And the views from Salzburg Castle are wonderful.

We even managed to stumble upon Narnia up by the Modern Art Museum...

To sum up: Salzburg is great. Visit at all costs, at least once. For such a small city (c.200,000 pop) there's loads to see and do, plus the place is steeped in culture and history. Add it to your "next place to visit" lists!


At 10:56 am GMT, Anonymous Jay said...

My mom LOVES that pic of you and Kat - she thinks you guys make a really cute couple together! :)

As for me, that pic of you sitting on the bench has got to be my fav pic of you ever Jonsta!!


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