Friday, March 17, 2006

A Worthy Cause

It's been a long time since I thought about how priviledged I am.

Pictures speak louder than words.


At 12:30 pm GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jon!!

Im not really sure how this blog thing works and I think right now im commenting on that pink arm band thing (isnt it huge?!), but i dont really want to do that.

To tell you the truth im impatiently waiting for Liz to dry her hair so we can go and see what hanoi has in the way of alcoholic dispensing units. So ive posted on the yahoo sport doodaa, and then remembered you had a blog so im typing inanely about not a lot. Your romantic weekend looked great, why wasnt I invited???

shes ready now but take care me tango and email me with your latest crazy antics (and also any news you may have on the mysterious Malcom Montgomory)


At 8:24 pm GMT, Blogger Jon said...

Wow, you truly have mastered the art of rambling! Does any of that comment have a point? :-P

Good to hear from you mate - hope you're enjoying your jaunt across the universe - I'm looking forward to the next email update!

Last I heard, Malcolm was in line to become the next Doctor Who...



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