Sunday, June 04, 2006


Milan. Where to start? Most things there are great - although the nightlife is slightly odd and in general Italians can't sit still for more than 20 minutes, which makes proper pub-going pretty much impossible. However, put two Englishmen together and this situation is soon rectified...

I was in town for 5 days. Here's a short run down of each:

Day 1: Arrived around midday, saw lots of people eating pizza. Ordered a cappucino in the afternoon and was promptly laughed at (apparently it's a "morning drink"). Had "aperitivo", a recent development on the Milan bar scene - between the hours of 6-9pm, most bars offer a pretty extensive complimentary buffet with your drinks. The food is generally excellent, and includes a choice of various pasta dishes, foccacia breads, salads, etc. Had an early night as Chris had an exam the next day...

Day 2: To Lake Como, celeb hotspot and university town. Gorgeous views over the lake from the neighbouring hillside. AND the most impressive moustache I've ever seen!

I was left literally speechless.

Day 3: A mosey-into-town, and tourist sightseeing time. La Galeria, the cathedral, the castle and park were all paid a visit to. More than anything else, I was impressed by the Italian girls. Wow. I know it's a rash thing to say, and I probably haven't thought it through properly, but they're even more beautiful than Slovakian lasses.

Drinking in the evening, and hanging out at "The Columns", a courtyard in front of a church surrounded by Roman columns. An amazing place - lots of people congragate there at night to drink, play guitars, bongos and football, and tease dogs with frisbees.

Day 4: Shopping. Mmm. So much good food. I bought my favourite cheese, Grana Padano. Some amazing olives for Kat. Some wine from a superb and cheap local producer. Balsamic vinegar (some was selling for 480EUR). Pizza (Italians really do eat it at all times of the day). Other delicious things that I ate too quickly to remember... Also went to a Portabello Road-style antiques market along one of the canals. Some interesting stuff, including a second hand CD stall that seemed to sell entirely Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys records.

In the evening, back to "The Columns" for a while, and then to an Irish-style pub for a jamming session with Chris's mate Francesco, who also happens to be one of the best guitarists I've seen for a long while. Left the pub without paying for drinks (maybe they shouldn't let people get drunk before they've paid?), and staggered back to Chris's to watch random late night TV and play Halo 2. Top.

Day 5:
Slightly hungover and lazy morning, followed by uninspiring trip to the airport. Views of the Alps were astonishing.


At 11:19 am BST, Anonymous Jay said...

I think I'm gonna go visit Chris too....!!!

At 4:01 pm GMT, Blogger Chris said...

Nicely summed up! Pleased you enjoyed it man. Very cool place I know, I freakin lived there!!

...oh you just missed out 1 detail - that exam I took, I scored top in a class of 80 students!
Y'know it's not easy being so good at everything!


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