Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chinatown Chopstick Canai

Chinatown: home of Lewey Veeton, Ralf Lorren, and all things pirated! This is a pic from Petaling Street, where Westerners are constantly pestered to buy DVDs and fake belts. I soon got tired of this and headed off to a hawker court for teh tarik and some mushroom noodles... mmm.

My 3rd full day in Malaysia, and I found myself getting frustrated with the public transport system. The "LRT" system (a poorly integrated version of the Underground, including monorail as well as underground tracks) particularly annoyed me, when in trying to change from one line to another I was told that my ticket was only valid for travel on the line I had come in at. The different lines are run and owned by different companies, so you have to buy a seperate ticket for each. However, the trains themselves are pretty nice and well air-conditioned so offer a welcome break from the humidity. The buses are mad - I asked for a bus map at the Tourist Centre and they looked at me blankly. I tried to look for information at the bus stop, and at the bus information office, but nothing. There's no way of telling which buses stop at which stations, or where they are going to be heading until the bus arrives which makes planning journeys pretty impossible... Makes me miss the super-efficient service in Linz!

Also went to Central Market today, and enjoyed getting into the the habit of bargaining for goods - although inevitably tourists are always subject to "tourist-tax", it's fun trying to get them as low as possible. Ended up buying various presents for Kat and Mum (really pleased with the gift for K!).

I spent an hour or so writing postcards underneath the towers, watching couples wander the banks of the lake. A romantic setting, but overwhelmingly man-made. Thought about holding hands with Kat, and missed having her here to banter with.

I walked around the city a lot today, and got a good feel for the layout. I hate getting public transport everywhere - you don't get to see how everything joins together. Walking through the scruffy parts is just as rewarding as walking through the beautiful areas. More pictures on flickr when I post them up...


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