Monday, July 17, 2006

Malaysia Travelogue

My first updates from Malaysia will arrive soon. I'm going to make a short post for each day, because there's lots to tell and see. So far, I've been here 9 days and the photo count is up to 910.

This is what's happening; while Jason is at work, I go exploring during the day. Night-time is food city, and at the weekends we're going on road/air trips. First weekend to Cherating, second to Penang, third to Singapore...

Check below for updates!


At 9:13 am BST, Anonymous Yi Von said...


Seems that you are enjoying ur life in Malaysia :)

Been to Malacca already?
Its a nice place and u will like it a lot ...



At 5:10 am BST, Blogger Jon said...

Hi YiVon - you're from Melaka? Unfortunately I'm leaving Malaysia on Monday so I won't have time to visit, perhaps during my next trip... :-)

At 4:34 am BST, Anonymous Yi Von said...

Hi Jon ...
Well yeah, Malacca is where I am from :)
Ohh too bad :(
Malacca is known as the Historical city ...
Anyway, if u need to know anything..
I would be happy to help :)
See ya around then :)



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